Friday, June 29, 2012

Hernando Today Obits

We have completed indexing the Hernando Today obituaries from the bound editions of the newspaper, which are located at the Main library. The publication dates range from November 11th, 1987 to December 24th, 1988. There are a total of 663 obituaries,  from "Lorilland H. Ackerman" to "Byron Wayne Zuber". Obits weren't always published quickly, so the November '87 obits may include deaths from October, and some deaths from December '88 may not be included.  We can check the index for you- just call the 754-4043. Whoever picks up can find the the index on  the "F drive"   in the "Reference Master Folder" under "Local History and Genealogy".
Potential damage from storms like  TS Debby are a good reason to scan old records, photos, and other genealogical materials.  You can keep them on your computer,  and  on a CD or a flashdrive.
Storm damage to your home may cost you the originals, but at least you won't lose them completely.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free Genealogy ebooks

This article is from the New England Historic Genealogical Society newsletter:

A Note from the Editor: Free eBooks for Genealogy Research
by Lynn Betlock, Editor

A recent survey question on eBooks prompted member George McKinney of Santa Rosa, California, to write an article about the availability of free eBooks.
Free eBooks for Genealogy Research
eBooks — or electronic books — exist in a variety of digital formats and can be read on your computer, smart phone, or eReader (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.). Different eReaders utilize different digital formats, but, in most cases, an eBook can be converted to work on your device by using
A number of websites offer free eBooks — generally out-of-copyright books or works made available by their authors. Categories of particular interest to the family historian are family genealogies, compendiums of genealogical facts (such as military records), directories, and local histories.

Here are some examples of free eBooks I’ve used in my own research:

History of the Families of McKinney-Brady-Quigley, 1905
History of Southwest Virginia, 1746–1786, Washington County, 1777–1870, 1903
Commemorative Biographical Record of Tolland and Windham Counties, Connecticut, 1903
San Francisco City Directory, 1850

Sources of free eBooks for genealogical research

Family History Books is a collection of over 40,000 books made available by FamilySearch. All books on this site are free and relate to genealogy.
Google Books is provided by Google. This site contains literally millions of books. After you enter your search terms, you can limit your search to free books by clicking “Free Google eBooks” halfway down the left side of the page. Further down the column, you can also select a custom date range, or choose a 19th, 20th, or 21st century search.

The non-profit Internet Archive offers a wide range of volumes. To limit a search to books, select “Texts” from the drop-down menu labeled “All Media Types.” 

The NEHGS website,, offers free eBooks for members. From the homepage, click on Library, then Library Catalog, and then enter your search terms in the "Search the Digital Library & Archive only" box. You can also browse through available eBooks by clicking the "Browse the Digital Library" link found at the bottom of the library catalog pages.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Popular names for newborns

Ever wonder how an ancestor got his or her first name? The Social Security website has a page for baby names. You can search for the most popular names, going back to the 1880's, and you can search by state or by decade.  The source of the information is from Social Security card applications for people born after 1879, so it doesn't include people born before 1937 who never applied for a card.

New records at Family Search has added millions of new records, accessible for free online. A sample includes records from the Maine State archives, 1790-1966; court records from Queens and Orange counties in New York; court records from Jefferson and Stark counties in Ohio; and obituaries for Crawford County in Ohio. They have also added a large amount of international records.

Friday, June 8, 2012

1940 census update

Read about it @

Dating and identifying persons in your old photos

Take a minute to visit the Photo Detective blog at The blogger, Maureen A. Taylor,  has authored several books that will aid genealogists in dating their photos by looking at clothing, hairstyles, etc. The blog itself includes archived articles with photos and information and tips for solving your own photo mysteries. Worth a look.

20 Reasons You May Have Trouble Finding An Ancestor In the Census