Thursday, June 26, 2014

Researching with the census

Here is a brief but potentially helpful article from on using the census in your research. Among other things, the author explains how the census can provide information that is not obvious at first glance. Scrutinizing the questions asked and answers provided in each column of the form and then thinking them through may lead your research in new directions.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Indexing at

If you have Internet access and some spare time, here is an opportunity for you to contribute to a worldwide genealogy database. is always looking for volunteer indexers to enter information from original documents into a searchable online database. Go to the website and click on "indexing", and in just a few minutes you can download the software and set up an account. Before finding a project to work on, click on "get started" and scroll down to the indexing tutorials and guidelines to become familiar with the process.

Family Seach will keep track of how many records you enter, and also let you know how accurate your  indexing is- each record is indexed by two volunteers, and an arbitrator decides who is correct when your entry disagrees with the that of the other volunteer.

Tip: After you download a project, look for the link to the project guidelines. Also, when trying to decypher a handwritten name, open a 2nd tab in your browser and go to this website:  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hispanic Research Webinar for English speakers June 21st

This webinar would be of interest to an English speaking genealogist who wants to do Hispanic research or help a Hispanic person with their research. You can get the details from the family search blog here.
Thanks to ResearchBuzz for letting us know.

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